Diwali Visit on Nov 4th to Jeeva Karunya Illam - 4 November 2012

Rose Bud 5

Dear Garden of Roses Members:

We are glad to inform you all that our visit to "Jeeva Karunya Illam" is confirmed on November 4th. There are 42 childrens in this orphanage.

This will be a Diwali visit, so we planned to provide them as follows:

1. Lunch.
2. Dress.
3. Snacks.
4. Crackers.

To make this visit also a successful one, we are in need of your help.

There are only 40 days remaining and we need the contributions and offerings as soon as possible, so that we can arrange the things soon (i.e.) dress materials, crackers, lunch, snacks, and we have to arrange a tailor for stitching.

There are a lot of things to do in these 40 days and the last date is "October 31st."
So, we request all to "contribute before October 31st."

Letz make this visit also a very successful one.

"Each and everyone are welcome to this visit." THANK YOU

Jeeva Karunya Illam
Palamalai Road, Gudalur