Visit to Jeeva Jothi Childrens Home - 6 August 2010

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Dear Garden of Roses Members:

Its me A.Malarvizhi from Garden of Roses, Our visit to "Jeeva Jothi Childrens Home" is confirmed on 6.6.2010 ( Sunday ). They informed us that they r in need of Uniform Dress for the Childrens.

There r totally 45 children in the orphanage and they r in need of Uniform of "White, Kakhi, Blue & Meroon" colour.
WHITE - 60 meters KAKHI - 22 meters Meroon – 32 meters Blue - 15 meters ( 1 meter cost – 60rs approx)

We r in need to buy 129 meters totally so we need 7740rs.

To Avoid Colour difference we planned to collect money before Saturday and buy the dress material on Saturday eve.

So we planned to buy something with what we have and we r in need of ur contribution.

Pls make sure who and going to contribute as soon as possible as time short Please confirm your presence and inform me with in 2 days.


3/147 V.K.V. NAGAR,

For Futher Queries Contact:

9600780060 (Nikilesh)
9003630075 (Sriram)