visit to "Kakkum Karangal" 22 Jan 2012

Rose Bud 10

Dear Garden of Roses Members:

Our visit to "Kakkum Karangal" is fixed on January 22( sunday), 2012 at 11.30 am. There are 15 children in the orphanage. They have started the orphanage recently and dont have any other sponsers to satisfy their basic needs.

They have asked to provide them groceries(3 months), Stationaries and they require a water purifier which contains 20 liters.

So, we have planned to provide them provisions, stationaries, water purifier, and lunch. Kindly, we request one and all to give the donations and offerings as soon as possible because only 23 days remaining and we have to finish all the work before that.

To make this visit a successful one we need your help. Whoever is interested can contribute money or can buy the required things. We would like to have your contributions as soon as possible, so that we can get the things they need and keep it ready before January 22nd. So, all who wish to spend their most valuable time with them are most welcome.

Kakkum Karangal
15/8c Krishna Nagar, Near Small ESI Hospital